Red Centre

David Bottrell 27, is a self-taught Sydney based artist who draws inspiration from Australian landscapes and explores with the use of different mediums and aerosol to produce unique and abstract pieces. The inspiration for his work is fuelled by his passion for the Australian natural landscape, and manmade structures. “Australia has a lot of beauty, from the chaos of the ocean, orange hued of eroding coastal cliff faces, and lush eucalyptus greenery of the bushland” remarks Bottrell.

In his second exhibition David was motivated by his late father’s ambition to travel around Australia, something he instilled in David. In July 2017 David’s career was somewhat at a cross roads, and following on from the success of his first solo exhibition, Coastal Wanderings he ceased this opportunity to focus on his art and make the pilgrimage to the Red Centre, the name of his current exhibition at Surry Hill’s M2 Gallery.

On his first solo trip to Uluru armed with his Canon DSLR 7D he immersed himself in the richness of the culture, the beauty of the Australian dry land, and the textures that dance and play off the light in the region. David comments “You can be in the same spot at several different times of the day and the shadows and rock formations looks completely different, I found this particularly inspiring”.

David’s work often displays a domineering use of black, and he is able to use his instincts to produce works that captivate the eye, and embark the viewer on an intense and memorable journey. David also proves his diversity with a combination of affluent primary colours, from deep blues to forest greens and a foray of shimmering metallic.  Altogether, creating a texture and tone that contributes to the beauty of his pieces.

Once back in his studio, David manipulates the canvas, aerosol and water simultaneously. Whilst the water travels along each layer of canvas he incorporates water with the aerosol and it builds the flow like movement in each layer. Multiple layers are added to each artwork. He then waits for each of these layers to dry before he starts on the next. David has been mastering this process since his early pieces 2012. He still continues to evolve as an artist. When questioned on how David views his on pieces has says “I focus on embracing the emotional claim that the colours inspire through your own journey" and describes his work as passionate and intense. 


David’s Red Centre exhibition combines 4 original pieces and 4 prints. 


Public, however appointment viewings are taken


11th-17th April - opening drinks Friday 13th 6pm-9pm

General opening hours is 12pm-6pm


M2 Gallery, shops 4/450 Elizabeth St, Surry hills



hello@davidbottrell.com for pricing and availability

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